D E A L E R S    C O N S U L T A N T S    A P P R A I S E R S

Henry Moore
Bronze sculpture cast in 1967, signed by the artist

With 40 years of experience as art dealers and publishers, Alex and Carole Rosenberg bring their expertise to assist you with collecting and appraisal services.

Alex Rosenberg Fine Art offers a selection of the finest paintings, sculpture, drawings, photography, prints, and multiples by internationally important artists. Alex Rosenberg founded Transworld Art in 1968 and began publishing original prints, portfolios and multiples.

Some of the world's greatest artists including Alexander Calder, Salvador Dali, Romare Bearden, Henry Moore, Mark Tobey and Robert Rauschenberg were commissioned to create prints and multiples.  Many publications have been awarded prizes and are in museums around the world.

Alex Rosenberg AAA/ASA, former President of the Appraisers Association of America and Certified/Senior Appraiser in personal property/fine art. 

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